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As certified arborists, we provide tree care services to the Lawrence Community by promoting and utilizing the most current industry practices to safely and efficiently manage trees for our clients.

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Trees are our passion and we love sharing our knowledge, expertise, and experiences with our community and clients to assist with management decisions for their trees. Our certified arborist (MW-5881A) has a formal education in tree science, forestry, arboriculture, entomology, and horticulture at the collegiate level, a Master's Degree of Science in Entomology, and over a decade of applied field experience, and continuing education in industry best practices and safety standards. Our Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist (MW-5881A) is equipped with the training and experience to assess trees for risk and provide clear, concise, and organized reports for clients concerned about the safety of their trees and how the risk to people, property, and activities can be mitigated. We have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people over the years and have received wonderful feedback of our consultation services.

Tree Pruning

"Pruning is one of the best things an arborist can do for a tree but one of the worst things we can do to a tree." -Alex Shigo. This is because proper pruning can improve the health, appearance, functionality, and safety of a tree, but improper pruning can have the opposite impact; harming the the health, appearance, structural stability, and safety of a tree. For these reasons it is essential for an arborist to have a thorough understanding of tree identification, tree physiology, species decay profiles, seasonality, pests and pathogens in order to properly care for and prune trees without causing irreparable damage. Our arborists have the technical expertise, knowledge, and experience to properly provide pruning services in a way that promotes the health, safety, and appearance of trees.

Stump Grinding

Stumps can be cumbersome and make it difficult to fully utilize the landscape. Our stump grinding services remove cumbersome stumps from the landscape and enable the re-planting of trees or turf.

Plant Healtcare

Trees are complex organisms that periodically require a little extra assistance to thrive in the urban landscape. Plant health care issues can be biotic or abiotic and we work with our clients to properly diagnose plant health care issues and prescribe treatments based on best industry practices and scientific principles.

Insect Control

Our entomologist's graduate school research in Forest Entomology was focused specifically on insects associated with trees and how to identify, diagnose, detect, monitor, and control pest species. Most insects are benign or beneficial and only very rarely is significant intervention warranted. We are devoted to the continual pursuit of knowledge and science based approaches to managing insect pests in trees.

Tree Planting

Tree planting is one of the most important aspects of tree care and maintenance. It sets the stage for all the subsequent years of the trees life. We can help you select the proper species, excellent growing stock, and plant the tree properly. Maintenance does not end after planting. Trees are a lifelong investment and we can create a post planting plan that incorporates essential elements for establishing the tree within the landscape and maintaining it for years to come by providing a structural pruning program.

Tree Removal

It is our goal to preserve trees whenever possible, but trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons. At times, trees can pose a risk to people, property, and activities. When trees pose a risk people, property, and activities then significant intervention might be warranted in the form of tree removal. Large trees with significant structural defects not only pose a risk to the aforementioned things, but to workers and tree crews tasked with removing the tree. For this reason, it is essential to hire a tree company with the technical skills, experience, insurance, licensing, and credentials to perform complex and dangerous tree removals.

Certified Professional Arborists

We have ISA Certified Arborists and Kansas Certified Arborists on staff and we are fully licensed and insured in the city of Lawrence.

Arborist in a Tree

Ryan removed a large tree positioned close to the house using great care and accuracy . It’s obvious that climbing is a passion ! . He worked effectively with his ground crew to get the cutting and clean up completed in a timely manner. Will use this skilled professional for all our tree work !!

Lawrence Arborists did work for us earlier this year, thinning several large trees. They were very responsive and communicated well. Ryan is highly knowledgeable, and came up with a strategy which met our needs while maintaining the health of the trees. The work was done on time and the price was very fair. No doubt I will use them again. Highly recommended.


We have a proven record of quick and positive outcomes in the Lawrence area. We care about the local community and ecology.

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